Service and maintenance of substations

Service and maintenance of substations
  • 30. December 2023
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Revision and maintenance of the substation

- what should be done when inspecting and maintaining a high voltage substation?

If your company or business has a substation on its property, it is essential that it is looked after, and it is important that all the necessary inspection and maintenance work is carried out to keep it running properly.

Our company places a high emphasis on comprehensive maintenance and inspection of all equipment in order to determine the exact condition and prevent breakdowns.

Core activities include:

- tranformer check - checking for leaks, insulators, temperature and correct setting of fuse values;

- inspection of HV distribution systems - inspection of HV switchboards, accessories, fuses, section switch and other components;

- check of LV distribution - check of low-voltage switchgear, fusing, temperature of connections;

- grounding check;

- checking safety warnings and warning notices;

- documentation control;

- control of the Local Operating Regulations;

- many other activities to check the condition of the substation.

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