Thermal imaging measurement

Thermal imaging measurement

Thermal imaging of technical equipment is a reliable way to detect faults in equipment. Thermal imaging can be used on almost all types of technical equipment during operation, such as electrical installations, switchgear, rotating and non-rotating machines, induction equipment, air handling, heating and cooling equipment.

Using thermal imaging and thermal imaging cameras, we were able to detect a number of serious deficiencies that would have jeopardized the entire operation of industrial facilities and the operation of the public space. The control of unwanted overheating and unwanted leaks is important for all technical equipment, not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of the overall technical condition of the equipment and its operation.



Services provided :

  • Thermal imaging of wiring and switchgear in industrial and domestic environments
  • Thermal imaging of machines, engines, equipment
  • Thermal imaging of buildings, flats, apartment buildings and family houses
  • Other services as required

Why is thermal imaging so important?

  • Reveals hidden heat leaks and unwanted overheating
  • Motors and rotating machines can be checked during operation
  • Inspection of technical conveyors and their components.
  • And more.

Thermal imaging of switchgear and wiring can detect serious faults in time that cannot be seen with the naked eye and prevent serious breakdowns and fire.




Thermovision of electricity and buildings

Thermal imaging measurement in practice

The use of thermal imaging cameras is relatively rare in Slovakia. There is a lot of talk about them, but few companies and people use their potential. Available thermal imaging cameras (thermovision) find use in many fields, from construction, through industry, to installations. We use thermal imaging cameras in wiring, switchgear, construction and during inspections and revisions of electrical equipment, where they can identify faults that are not visible to the naked eye and would otherwise be undetectable. Thermal imaging thus effectively prevents a major fault. More about thermal imaging in practice >>>>




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