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For the development of the connection project we need:

  • Parcel number, cadastral area
  • Details of the owner or builder, with telephone and email contact
  • Sketch in the cadastral image or other situational diagram, where the nearest connection point (electricity pole/switchboard) is shown, the place where you would like to have the meter placed (in case you are planning a driveway, parking lot,...)
  • Photos of the location where the connection point and the property boundary will be visible
  • If there is a number on an overhead line pole, its number
  • Description of construction: type of construction, method of heating, hot water heating

Connection Family house

Connection huts

Connection garages

electrical connection on the plot for your property

How to make an electrical connection?

reeltech connection project

In the construction of any new building or major renovation, you can't avoid the problem of making an electrical connection.

According to the new standards (STN 33 3320:2002 ), the electrical connection must be publicly accessible and located at the property boundary so that energy workers can read the meter at any time.


It's best if you make a connection request first. You will need the relevant form, which can be found on the local distribution website, a cadastral map and a map of the wider relationship. It should show a sketch of where you want to run the electricity connection. By doing this you can save time and avoid unpleasant complications.

For the electrical connection we need a project, this can be created either by a designer, an inspection engineer or otherwise a professionally qualified person. The project documentation includes a Technical Report, a Drawing Section and an External Influence Determination Report. According to this project documentation, the electrical connection will be made. We can provide you with this entire part if you are interested in the electrical connection project, please contact reeltech@reeltech.skOur price depends on the complexity,and the supplied documents. 

Technical part: the connection for a family house starts with a branch from the public distribution system and ends with a connection box, which must be made according to STN 35 9754.

A junction box is made on the public distribution pole, from which the wire leads to the meter. The most commonly used aluminium conductor is AYKY 16mmup to 35mm2. Attention to making the electrical connection with copper wire! Nowadays some power companies do not allow this design! Many electricians do not realize that if they connect copper and aluminum conductors, an electro-chemical reaction occurs and can cause big problems, even fire. For this reason, power companies adapt almost everything to connect aluminium conductors. The electricity distribution board must be made in the fence or on the property boundary so that it can be accessed at any time! The centre window of the meter must be at a height of 1.5 to 1.7m. The conductor must be run at an appropriate depth, but it is good if it is at a frost-free depth (80cm) in a sand bed on which either a brick or a warning sheet is laid. The electricity meter must be earthed and its earth resistance must not exceed 5 Ohm. Earthing is done by means of a strapping which is laid on the bottom of the trench at a sufficient distance from the power conductor, most often along its entire length, and in some cases it is also connected to the main earthing terminal in the house. This creates a bonding to the same potential.

From the meter switchboard, the wire is then led to the main switchboard in the house, which may already be copper and usually has a degree smaller cross-section than the aluminium wire.

After completion of the technical part, it is necessary to carry out a Professional Inspection and a Professional Test (revision). The latter is carried out by a specialist electrician (inspection technician), who writes a report after inspection and measurement of all the necessary quantities. 

If you are interested in a Professional Inspection and Professional Examination, otherwise known as an "Electrical Connection Inspection", please contact us at reeltech@reeltech.sk or 0901703235.

You will then apply to the local energy distribution company for connection to the network with all project documentation and an inspection report.

In Slovakia, you can apply for connection to the following distribution systems depending on your location:

West Slovak Distribution https://www.zsdis.sk/

Stredoslovenská distribučná https://www.ssd.sk/

Eastern Slovak Distribution https://www.vsds.sk/edso/domov

The connection procedure is very well described on the VSD website, where the whole administrative procedure is also described. The article can be found at this link -  vsd nn connection

We can carry out the entire technical process for you and you, as our customer, will receive all the necessary documents for the connection. They are also described on our website focused on electrical connections www.elektrickapripojka.eu/. However, the project model and the entire project documentation is a copyright work and cannot be copied without permission.

How long does it take to connect?

The connection depends on several factors:

  • the specific distribution has a 30-day time limit.
  • statement of the competent authority : notification of a small building
  • the realisation itself
  • comments from other affected parties

How much does it cost to bring electricity to the property?

This amount is quite individual as it varies based on : length of excavation, length of conductor used, cross section and unit price per meter.

Connection by air

Connection for household

Connection in the country

Electrical connection of the family house

It is one of the most important engineering connections therefore it is necessary to start implementing it as soon as possible. So that the LV connection project is approved as soon as possible and diluted well in advance of the actual construction. The whole construction of the electricity connection may take 2 months- Depending on the Distribution System

  • House connection for new construction: most of the time it is a connection for a not yet built family house. In this case, the connection is established mainly to be able to start construction work where electricity is needed. In the project, we propose the placement of a building switchboard from which it is possible to connect 230V and 400V appliances. This procedure is quite common and also the simplest. After the house is built, the supply wire to the house is connected, while the building switchboard (antonik) either remains or is dismantled.
  • Reconstruction of the original electrical connection : This is mainly when the house is connected through a "rooftop" or otherwise called "rooftop electrical connection". The latter is usually reconstructed for several reasons - inadequate connection, permanent disconnection when it can no longer be reused, reconstruction of the electrical connection. A new project is then drawn up where a new connection solution is proposed from the electricity meter in the fence. After the implementation, the electrical connection is dismantled and the entire connection is routed in the ground, not by connecting through the roof.
  • Designing connections through the roof is no longer established today (only if the conductor is anchored against the wall and directly led to the meter switchboard in the fence without interruption.

Electrical connection to the cottage

Electrical connection to the cottage

In many cases, the connection of previously unconnected recreational objects is starting: cottages, garden cabins, country houses or other isolated settlements.

Our company has extensive experience in designing connections for cottages and holiday homes by setting up a connection to a cottage or lodge.

The project is no different than for other buildings. The only major difference is the size of the circuit breaker and the number of phases required. Customers are suggested to make at least a preparation for a three-phase connection and if it is sufficient only a single-phase connection of the cottage will be set up but in the future in case of a major change or need only with the help of an application and a change of the circuit breaker a three-phase (380V/400V) connection of the building will be set up.

Electrical connection of the garage

Electrical connection of the garage Setting up the wiring in the garage and connecting it altogether is starting to become more and more common. When designing a connection in an old garage, this process is not at all easy as many times these are old original garages where "bringing electricity into the garage" was not considered. But not impossible. We always guide our customers if they need to notice and what needs to be arranged to get the garage connected. For new builds and underground garages the process is similar. Many times in these cases you need the permission of the manager or to figure out a way to connect and measure