Thermovision of wiring, machinery, air conditioning

Thermal Imaging of Electrical Equipment, Machinery and Air Conditioning

is an effective tool for detecting faults and heat leaks on wiring and parts of technical equipment such as motors, heaters, switchgear, air conditioners and other technical components. On all these appliances, either friction or increased surface temperature occurs when a fault occurs. You can also read a detailed technical article on our website, along with a detailed description of why thermal imaging is a great tool for inspecting technical equipment.

thermal imaging uncoupler
thermal imaging of electrical installations

The thermal imaging of the wiring includes:

  • Thermal imaging of electrical switchboards
  • Thermal imaging of engines
  • Thermal imaging of LV power lines
  • Thermal imaging of HV power lines
  • Thermal imaging of electrical switchboards
  • Thermal imaging of transformers
  • Thermal imaging of circuit breakers, fuses and fusing elements

Price of Thermal Imaging Measurement:

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Price in EUR from:

Thermal imaging measurement of electrical installations and switchboards


Thermal imaging measurement of machines and devices


Thermovision of heat distribution systems


Thermal imaging measurement protocol in .pdf form


Thermal imaging measurement report in printed form


Thermographic measurement with a thermal imaging camera (industry)

30 / 1 hour

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