Design of electrical installation and power equipment

Design and planning of electrical installations, lightning rods, and power equipment

Projects for houses, buildings, apartment buildings, industry, and other objects.

Designer of electrical equipment for various types of objects and buildings

Project of wiring and related equipment and circuits

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  • Services of projection and design of electrical equipment, installation and lightning rods , connections - excellent price throughout the country. focus on the design and implementation of electrical systems for various types of buildings and objects.
  • Electrical design is an activity in which a plan and design is developed for electrical systems in buildings and facilities. The electrical designer analyses the customer's requirements, performs calculations and designs the layout of lines, cabinets, sockets, lighting and other components. The designer takes into account safety standards, energy efficiency and optimal system operation. His work also includes the preparation of technical documentation, cooperation with other professionals and supervision of project implementation. The electrical designer's goal is to design a reliable and functional electrical system that meets the customer's needs and requirements. We carry out projects in all ranges :
  • Building permit
  • Implementation project documentation
  • Project of actual execution

The electrical equipment project includes:

Quality project = Consultation with the customer

Projects for various types of buildings, from family houses, through multifunctional buildings, buildings, offices, multifunctional buildings, industrial halls, and other objects

Different kinds of installations and objects challenge us and push us further

  • Processing of the project in electronic form with subsequent printing and submission in hard copy
electrical installation
electricity distribution
electric switches
socket and light circuits
electrical switchboards
industrial halls
temporary site switchboards
Lightning rods, lightning rods, and lightning protection
Deployment of technology and equipment

Location :

  • The project contains all the elements and mandatory annexes
  • Preparation of a single-pole diagram, externalities determination protocol, risk analysis, risk assessment, production and consumption analysis
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Project of electrical wiring and lightning conductors family houses, companies , industry
  • We operate throughout the Slovak Republic, offering customers from Zvolen, Detva, Banská Bystrica, Krupina, Lučenec the fastest availability of revision at the best prices.
  • We strive to accommodate all clients with discounts, and contractors get the best prices and technical support from us.
  • For large objects, the price is set by agreement, with a quantity discount.
  • Preparation and submission of documentation in electronic and paper form

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Filip Hatas
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Lenka Kolláriková
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milan Benkovsky
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