Review of Photovoltaic Power Plants ( PV Power Plants )

Review of Photovoltaics
Our extensive experience in the renewables and energy industry enables us to carry out PV plant inspections and tests quickly and efficiently.
Revision technician for photovoltaics
Each of our technicians has experience not only in inspection but also practical experience in construction, technical design and connection.
Audit and Technical Inspection of Photovoltaic Power Plants
Independent audit, technical inspection and condition assessment of the existing plant. Assessment of risks and correct wiring
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The expert inspection or expert test of photovoltaic power plants is a toy for us thanks to our extensive experience in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy.

Photovoltaic power plant

It is obligatory to carry out Professional Inspections and Professional Tests / Revisions of all electrical components on photovoltaic power plants in Slovakia (Photovoltaic power plant in Slovak Republic), as reserved electrical technical equipment. According to the Decree 508/2009 and its later amendments. We provide and perform all the necessary measurements and actions important for the correct execution of the inspection and the PV power plant so that the operation of the power plant is affected as little as possible by the activities associated with the OPOS. Qualified technicians with a broad knowledge of this field can quickly and correctly assess the technical condition of the entire plant. With developed procedures and using available technologies, they can measure all cable components (both AC and DC ) and assess the quality of the work as a whole. 

Assessment of technical condition

focuses on identifying potential problems that could cause performance degradation or safety risks. The assessment shall be carried out on the basis of the results of the technical inspection and other findings

Technical inspection of photovoltaic power plants

 is a comprehensive assessment of their technical condition. It involves checking all the components of the plant, such as solar panels, inverters, cables, structure, etc., and determining their technical condition.





We carry out all OPaOS / Inspections on photovoltaic power plants in the following ranges:

The scope of application is within the whole of Slovakia and within the distribution of local system conditions:

  • small power supply up to 10kW
  • local source from 10kW to MRK
  • large-scale photovoltaics on open land intended as generation sources
  • ZSD (ZSE)
  • SSD ( SSE)
  • VSD (VSE)

In case of interest, we also provide the preparation of project documentation more about PD can be found in our article on our website.

Photovoltaic power plants are classified according to type technology used and location into:

In doing so, a baseline and periodic OPOS/Review of the following sections must be performed on all types of objects:

  • Power plants with decentralised technology
  • Power plants with central technology (Vacon, Satcon, Aurora, Solaron and others . . . )
  • Power plants with roof installation
  • Revision of HV ( HV connection, transformer + transformer station )
  • Revision of LV - AC ( LV installation up to 1000V AC voltage)
  • Revision of LV - DC ( LV installation up to 1000V DC voltage) of photovoltaic modules
  • Revision of lightning conductor and earthing system
  • Revision of data distribution lines
  • Revision and inspection of alarms and cameras ( EZS & CCTV )

PV plant inspection periods vary depending on the technology used, the environment and the location of the plant. Periodic OPOS / Revision periods range from 1 year to a maximum of 4 years. We therefore treat each installation individually, please contact us if you need to know when a periodic revision is required.

Periodic Review of Photovoltaic Power Plants (PV / Photovoltaic power plant ) estimated price list - we approach prices individually, so we price each object separately. We guarantee the best service at the best prices on the market.

We provide the same services for other renewable sources such as CHP units and biogas plants.

Revision and service of Photovoltaics