Revision of electrical wiring Zvolen, Detva and Banská Bystrica

In cities Zvolen, Detva a Banská Bystrica we provide our services without travel expenses ! 

We also perform in other cities under favorable conditions such as Krupina, Lučenec, Brezno, Žiar nad Hronom, Žarnovica, Nová Baňa. 

We carry out revisions of all electrical equipment, such as:

  • Revision of wiring
  • Revision of the lightning conductor
  • Revision of electrical appliances
  • Revision of machines
  • Revision of tools
  • Substation revisions
  • Inspections of equipment with explosion hazards
  • other Revision of electrical, and wiring

We also carry out the design of equipment, we have our own designer.

An electrical designer is a professional who has the responsibility of designing and planning electrical installations for buildings and other structures. Here are some of the activities that an electrical installation designer usually performs:

  1. Consultation with the client: the electrical installation designer meets with the customer and discusses their requirements, goals and needs regarding the electrical installation.

  2. Installation planning: the electrical designer designs the plan for the installation and takes into account the customer's requirements, local regulations and national standards. This includes selecting the location of electrical wiring, conduits, outlets, lighting and other components.

  3. Calculations:The electrical installation designer performs the calculations that are required to determine the capacity of the electrical installation, such as the power required, transient, impedance, power consumption, installation cost, etc.

  4. Equipment selection: the electrical designer selects the appropriate equipment and components to be used for the installation, taking into account quality, efficiency and cost.

  5. Drawing plans: the electrical designer draws plans and diagrams that describe the entire electrical installation and include component locations, interconnections, associated cable routes and connections.

  6. Preparation of technical documentation: the electrical installation designer prepares the technical documentation, which includes details of the design, plans, calculations, equipment selection, etc.

  7. Coordination of work with other professionals: The electrical designer works with other professionals such as structural engineers, architects and technicians to ensure that the electrical installation is integrated into the overall design of the building or structure.

  8. Verification and testing: the designer of the electrical installation verifies.