Electrical installation work


Most of us can no longer imagine our lives without electricity.

Therefore, when an accident happens, you need to find a capable electrician immediately to help you fix the problem. Contact our company! We offer professional services at low prices. We are a team of experienced professionals and we clearly want to excel in our field. However, we also know that there is always room for improvement - that's why we always strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. We are not afraid to innovate and are always learning in our field. We value our customers very much and the greatest reward for us is when they are always happy to come back to us. Take advantage of our services and judge our quality for yourself! 

We offer various types of electrical installations, such as connecting appliances, hobs, hoods, modifications of residential wiring and also new installations in apartments or industrial buildings, warehouses and production halls. We also provide inspections and other work related to our field. We offer a wide range of electrical work, using the highest quality components and materials from leading manufacturers. The main goal of the company is responsible, professional and reliable performance of all services.

We carry out electrical installation work of all ranges, which include:

- production of switchboards

- wiring

- house installations

- intelligent installations

- lightning arresters LPS

- Data networks (Network)

- illumination

- sound system

- installation of appliances

- installation of lights

Our priority is to carry out a quality and safe installation for all our customers. Thanks to our professionally trained staff, we are able to carry out installations of all ranges.


Electrical installation work 1

Green / Safety circuit

Devices plugged into the mains in your home will take a lot of money out of your wallet without you even knowing it. According to several surveys, this amount often exceeds €100. Why? Most modern appliances, although they do not work all the time, remain in the so-called stand-by mode and only after our activation does this appliance turn on. However, few people realise that this mode continues to take electricity from the grid and thus money out of our pockets. An overview of each appliance and its consumption is given in the table below. More about the green / security circuit >>>



Electrical connection

Electrical connection

How to make an electrical connection? With any new building or major renovation, you can't avoid the problem of making an electrical connection. According to the new standards (STN 33 3320:2002), the electrical connection must be publicly accessible and located at the boundary of the property so that energy workers can read the meter at any time..More about electrical connection >>>>



Service Photovoltaic Power Plants

Service of photovoltaic power plants


Work on photovoltaic installations, whether on small rooftop installations or large flat-plate power plants, consists not only of routine electrical work, but often also of preventive inspections and specific tasks on entire installations using special measuring instruments that can identify damaged panels.More about photovoltaic plant service >>>>