Lightning rod revision

Lightning Protection System (LPS), Lightning Arrester Revision

And Indoor Lightning Protection (LPMS), In practice referred to as a Professional Inspection And Professional Test / Inspection of the Lightning Arrester And All Components That Protect the Building From the Effects of Atmospheric Electricity, i.e. Lightning Arrester Leads, Catch Bars And Similar.

We perform:

The inspection of lightning conductors and the assessment of their condition is carried out by measuring and comprehensive inspection of the lightning conductor system. The leakage cannot exhibit greater ground resistance as 10 Ω. In some cases, the whole system is also assessed by measuring the complete system and comparing it with the calculated value, which is calculated using its own formula, not on the basis of an arithmetic average as presented by some review engineers.
A Lightning Protection System (LPS) is a complete system used to reduce the physical damage caused by lightning strikes to a building. It includes protection consisting of an external and internal lightning protection system - in layman's terms, a lightning arrestor. It is important that buildings which are protected from lightning by a device for protection against the adverse effects of atmospheric electricity (lightning protection device) are inspected - surveyed and their values verified by measurement. The expert inspection of the LPS is to be carried out by a lightning protection expert according to the requirements of EN 62305-3 - external protection, EN 62305-4 - internal protection.

The standard specifies four classes of LPS(I to IV), which correspond to lightning protection levels.
Examples of possible object classifications: 

FTA I. hospitals, banks, mobile operator stations, power stations, waterworks
FTA II. schools, supermarkets, cathedrals
FTA III. residential houses, family houses, agricultural buildings
FTA IV. buildings and halls without persons and internal equipment

Our main activity is the installation and revision of classical lightning conductors, but also active lightning conductors with control and measurement of surge protectors.

Our activity Professional Inspection and Professional Examination / Revision of Lightning Arrester ( LPS ) consists of the following activities:

  • Measurement of lightning conductors (lightning conductors)
  • Measuring the earthing system
  • Measurement of transient resistance
  • Inspection of all components of the lightning arrester
  • Visual tour
  • Additional measurement and control
  • Preparation and submission of reports in the form of a Baseline or Periodic Review Report
  • Surge protection (surge protector, otherwise known as: "surge protector")

The deadlines for periodic Professional Inspections and Professional Examinations/Revisions are described in the following table, which is governed by Decree 398/2013, which amends 508/2009:

Type of object and equipment

Period (years)

b) Revision of equipment for protection against the effects of static electricity / revision of lightning conductors


1. building with a fire hazard area


2. building with explosion hazard area


3. other object


c) Rebasing Equipment for protection against the effects of atmospheric electricity / revision of lightning arresters


1. protection level LPL I and II


2. protection level LPL III and IV


3. building with explosion hazard area


In the table it is possible to see the basic distribution of the objects of the periodic review time in years . In the case of non-standard environments, these times may be shorter.

Simplified indicative price list for Professional Inspection and Professional Examination / lightning rod revision price list:

 - The price may vary depending on the complexity, number of downpipes, technical design, etc. If you are interested, we will prepare a quotation just for your property.

Type of RevisionPrice in EUR from:
Lightning conductor19
Control of equipmentAccording to the PD

We strive to accommodate all clients with discounts, and our contractors get the best prices and technical support. For large objects, the price is set by agreement, with a quantity discount. For clients from Banská Bystrica region, for example from the towns of Zvolen, Detva and Banská Bystrica, we can carry out a lightning conductor revision within 24 hours.

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