We provide certification of machinery

We provide Certification and Inspection of machinery in Slovakia and for equipment destined for the European Union.

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Troubleshooting And Adjusting Machines Before Certification

Statistics show that up to 30% work accidents are caused by uncertified working machines or by handling machines for which there is insufficient technical documentation or operating manual.

In order to guarantee yourself and your employees the maximum level of safety at work, you need to make sure that your work machines are certified. It is also important to have a detailed manual for operating the machine so that there are no life-threatening misunderstandings.

We take care of your safety and offer comprehensive services related to the elimination of deficiencies and modification of machines before certification, the certification itself and the development of a manual for the operation of the machine. In particular, we provide the following services.

Safety assessment

National, European and international standards set out the basic safety conditions that machines must meet. When assessing risks, we follow the relevant standards, which prescribe which aspects of the machinery need to be evaluated. Dozens of different details are evaluated to guarantee maximum safety.

A safety assessment must be carried out whenever new machinery is brought into service, whenever the location of the machinery is changed and at regular intervals thereafter as specified by the manufacturer of the machinery. A safety assessment is also required after a machine has been repaired, has had an accident or has been shut down for a prolonged period.

We provide expert assessment of machinery, equipment and technology during commissioning prior to first start-up, change of location, or restart.

machine inspection (professional inspection and professional test)

Every machine must have an inspection and we carry out this inspection comprehensively.

  • the whole machine is checked by a revision technician
  • checks the condition of individual machine components
  • We compare the electrical and technical wiring,
  • safety assessment
  • physical testing of safety circuits combined with measurement

Machine inspection involves the systematic examination and testing of its various parts and components to determine whether they are working properly and efficiently. Here are a few steps you should consider before carrying out a machine revision:

  1. Obtain the manual and user's manual, declaration of conformity, detailed revision instructions from the machine manufacturer.
  2. Disconnect the machine from the power supply and clean it thoroughly.
  3. Visually inspect all parts of the machine for damage or wear.
  4. Check the condition of the oil, grease or other fluids in the machine and top them up as necessary.
  5. Check the condition of the filters and replace them if they are dirty.
  6. Check the connections, bushings and cables and make sure they are in good condition and properly connected.
  7. Check the functionality of all sensors and switches and verify that they are working properly.
  8. Check every part of the machine that moves to make sure it is well lubricated and working properly.
  9. Check the machine's electronic components and their connections.
  10. Perform testing on the machine's functionality to verify that everything is working properly.

It is important that you regularly inspect your machines to make sure they are in a safe and efficient condition. If you are in any doubt about having your machine inspected, contact a professional or service centre who can help you to have the machine inspected or repaired.

Correction of identified deficiencies

We provide comprehensive services to our customers. If we encounter safety defects during a safety assessment, we will ensure that the defects are corrected in accordance with all relevant standards. Our trained personnel perform regular servicing of machines, in case of various modifications to improve safety, performance or to meet standards and obtain certifications.

Adjustment and Correction of Deficiencies Required for Certification

In order to be certified, a machine must meet demanding criteria set by national, European or international standards. The standards governing the certification of machinery are constantly being changed and modified. In our activities we always follow the most up-to-date standards and conditions for certification, so you can be sure that a machine inspected and modified by us will be certified without any difficulties.

We carry out all the necessary modifications and repairs of machines required to obtain certification. Our technicians have many years of experience in the field of machine repairs, so we guarantee first-class quality of the work done.

Machinery Manual

One of the most important parts of a certified machine is a well-designed operator's manual. We create manuals based on current international, European and national guidelines and standards.
When creating them, we pay attention to a clear graphic and text structure, in which the machine operator can quickly find his way around. The manuals contain all the necessary information for both operation and maintenance of the machine. The individual parts are described in as much detail as possible so that operators can find all the information they need in the manual without having to search for it from external sources.

All manuals are created with an emphasis on ensuring maximum safety for machine operators.

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We provide certification of machinery 3

EC and EU Declaration of Conformity

One of the essential documents required for certified machinery is the EC Declaration of Conformity. We will prepare this comprehensive document for you in accordance with current standards.

Machine Production Label

Once the EC Declaration of Conformity has been drawn up, the final step is to mark the machinery with a conformity marking label. We will produce a unique CE label for your machinery.

Do not hesitate to rely on our many years of experience in the field of certification and modification of machinery. With us, you get all the necessary documents, service and machine modifications in one place, in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of maximum quality.

Assessment of Imported Machinery from Third Countries

We are professionally engaged in the assessment of equipment imported from third countries such as China, India, Korea, Japan, USA, Ukraine, Russia, South Asia, Australia and other countries that do not belong to the European Community and the machines will be used in the EU territory. For machines we can also carry out repairs but also preparation for operation for European certification and operation.