Thermal imaging of buildings and structures

Thermal imaging of buildings and structures

is a good way to analyse heat leaks and heat distribution faults. We carry out the inspection using a thermal imaging camera, which allows us to have a wider view of the whole building and then take detailed pictures of parts of the building.

Thermovision of the house

Exterior thermal imaging consists of imaging of the building envelope
- perimeter walls, roofs, windows and other technical outlets.

Thermal imaging of plasterboard apartment

Thermal imaging of the interior consists of comprehensive room sensing and fault detection on equipment.

For outdoor thermal imaging of buildings and apartment buildings, a temperature lower than 10oC.

Short examples for use thermal imaging in the construction industry:

  • Thermovision of a family house
  • Thermal imaging of an apartment building, prefabricated house
  • Thermal imaging of halls and production plants
  • Indoor thermal imaging
  • Thermal imaging of heat leaks
  • Thermal imaging of industrial halls
  • Thermal imaging of the interior
  • Thermovision of buildings

Thermal imaging measurement price list :

Type of Revision

Price in EUR from:

Price Thermal imaging measurement of houses and apartment buildings - exterior


Price Thermal imaging measurement of the house - interior


Thermal imaging measurement protocol in electronic form .pdf


Thermal imaging measurement report in printed form


Thermographic measurement with a thermal imaging camera (industry)

30 / 1 hour

Extra image from thermal imaging


Transport costs (over 30km)


We strive to accommodate all clients with discounts, and contractors get the best prices and technical support from us. For large objects, the price is set by agreement, with a quantity discount.

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