Revision of Public Lighting

Review of Public Lighting


Public lighting is a key element of every city and community. It provides safety, comfort and atmosphere for citizens and visitors. However, if it is not properly maintained and reviewed, it can lead to problems such as increased energy consumption, higher maintenance costs and less safety in public spaces.

Our company is here to provide you with a reliable and professional lighting inspection service. We are here to ensure that your public lighting is in the best condition and fully functional.

Our services:

1. Revision A Diagnostics

  • Professional review of public lighting
  • Fault identification and troubleshooting
  • Replacement plans for fluorescent lamps and LED luminaires

2. Maintenance and Repairs

  • Regular maintenance and servicing
  • Fast and efficient repairs
  • Spare parts and luminaires

3. Upgrade To LED Lighting

  • Upgrade to more energy efficient LED luminaires
  • Help with selecting optimal lighting solutions
  • Return on investment in LED lighting

4. Energy Efficiency

  • Assessment and optimisation of energy use
  • Reduction of electricity costs
  • Environmentally friendly lighting

Why Choose Us?

  1. Professional ExpertsA: Our technicians are experienced and specialized in lighting inspection.

  2. Modern TechnologyA: We use the latest technology and tools to diagnose and repair lighting.

  3. Customer focusA: Your needs come first for us. We are here to provide you with exactly what you need.

  4. Energy SavingsA: Our LED lighting retrofit can help you save on electricity costs.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail or by calling 0901 703 235