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Revisions, electromobility, measurement, installation and thermodynamics.

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ReelTech s.r.o

Revisions and Technology Solutions in Electrical Engineering

Correct review of the status of the controlled device is an important activity for issuing reports on the examinations and professional exam (OP and OS), in which we use the most modern measuring instruments for detecting the correct deficiencies in controlled devices.

With the help of record keeping, we have early warning customers to carry out periodic special inspection and professional examination.

After making a survey suggests improvements to increase safety. Our experience in the electronics industry in the Slovak Republic are in the range of control of domestic wiring through power switchboards used in industrial plants, equipment to renewable energy sources (eg. Photovoltaic power plants).

Our activities include:

• Technical inspections and tests / Revision of electrical devices / Low voltage electrical installations: Verification (inspection, testing, reporting) / Installations électriques à basse tension: Verification / Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen: Prüfungen

• inspection of wiring houses, apartments, buildings, industrial buildings

• Revision lightning / Lightning Protection System Verification

• Review of electrical machines

• Inspection of electrical appliances

• Revision of photovoltaic power

• Removal of the identified deficiencies-review

• Control measurement of light intensity in lux

• Infrared measurement / Termovision

• Infrared measurement of the electrical installation ("Thermal imaging electro")

• Creating and writing manuals for work machine, translation.

• Infrared measurement of structures, buildings, houses and apartment buildings ("Thermal imaging of buildings")

• The electrical installation LV Low voltage electrical installations / electrical installation / installation électrique / elektrische Anlagen out Gebäuden / электрическая установка здания /

• Maintenance of electrical installation / maintenance electrical installation

• Operation and maintenance / operation & maintenance

• Charging stations for electric cars

• installation of charging stations for electric / installation charging station for electric vehicles

• Edit wiring for saving electricity / Modifications electrical installation for saving electricity

• Replacement and reconstruction of lighting, led lighting / Replacement and reconstruction of lighting, LED lighting

• Installation and inspection Lightning protection / installation and verification lightning protection system / Protection contre la foudre / Blitzschutz

• Translation of measurement results and complete audit reports in foreign languages ​​such as: English, German, Russian

Our presence in all regions of the Slovak Republic / Slovakia. While urban Zvolen, Detva, Banská Bystrica not count transportation costs. For foreign clients, we provide a translation into the selected language.

For more information please contact us: reeltech@reeltech.sk


We perform expert inspections and expert tests of electrical equipment / revisions of electrical installations and lightning conductors..



The design documentation of the on-demand connection is just enough to contact us.



We have high quality measuring instruments for measuring electrical installation and quantities related to electrical engineering.



Execution of wiring works of all ranges.



Thermal measurement of technical devices is a reliable tool for detecting device failures. Thermovision can be used almost all types of technical equipment during their operation.


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ReelTech s.r.o

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E-mail: reeltech@reeltech.sk