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Revision of working machines throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic

expert inspection wiring of a working machine

Our Machine and Machinery Inspection Techniques are concerned with the safety of industrial machinery in the industry and seek to maintain safety in the production and operation of machinery and equipment. Our company checks and performs, as appropriate, the documentation as well as the manual of the working machine and the operating instructions for the working machine. By trying to observe the revisions of the working machines. the result of our work is the protocol on the control of the working machine, the review report, and also the thermodynamics in case of interest. We can also assist in the official examinations or complete them and, if we are interested, we follow the revision deadlines. We carry out our activities throughout Slovakia


Expert Inspection and Professional Testing of Electrical Parts of Work Machines called Working Machine Inspection in Slovakia is governed by the STN EN 60 204-1 / IEC 60 204 standard.

Fixed work machines are composed of different parts and different elements, so it is necessary to approach the inspection with broad knowledge of the area.

The electric machine must be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Incorrect use or, at first glance, invisible damage to the electric machine can cause serious malfunctioning, workers' health hazards and production delays.

The revision of the working machines is carried out with modern measuring instruments which can be measured with an increased voltage up to 2500V and a current of 10A, which guarantees an accurate measurement with a low measurement deviation. IEC 60204/STN EN 60204-1 is for the use of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic equipment and systems on machines that are firmly fixed and non-portable during operation. The standard applies to electrical equipment or parts of an electrical equipment which are in operation at a rated supply voltage not exceeding 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC and at a rated frequency not exceeding 200 Hz. The equipment covered by this standard starts at the point where the power source is connected to the electrical equipment of the machine.

Revisions / Professional Examinations and Experiments of Electrical Parts of Machines:

in industrial buildings without the danger of explosion
in industrial buildings with explosion hazards

The emphasis is on the completeness and timeliness of the technical documentation of the machinery and the proper assessment of the risks arising from its operation.
Basic information on the Professional Examination The professional test of the electrical parts of the work is described in the following tables.

The procedures and the required documentation for the revision are given eg: in STN 33 1500, STN 33 2000-6, STN 33 1600, STN 33 1610, STN ES 59009 (33 1620), STN EN 60204-1 (33 2200) STN EN 62305 (34 1390) and others.



In case of interest, we also provide for machine equipment: electrical diagrams, machine documentation, operating instructions which must be in the state language.


Revision of electrical parts of working machines consists of:

Verification of conformity of electrical parts with technical documentation

Verifying auto-off protection

Insulation and Insulation Resistance Test

Test voltage

Protection against residual voltage

Functional tests


In particular, the following types of machinery must be revised:

Machines for machining plastics and rubber

Machine tools for metal working

Woodworking machines

Industrial resources

Assembly machines

Mobile machines

Lifting machines

Materials handling machines

Textile machines

Machines for refrigeration and air-conditioning

Food processing machines

Paper-making machines


Packaging machines

Machine work

Drying machines and air conditioning

Machines for transporting persons

Doors for electric drive

Other working machines


By doing so:

- Expert Inspection Expert Test on a Newly Made Machine

- Expert Review and Expertise on the Machine in Operation

- Expert inspection and expert examination of the machine after repair or reconstruction



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