Are you considering buying a house? have your installation checked!

Plans to buy a house or be? Have your wiring checked ! ! !

revision of electrical installation

You will avoid more inconveniences in the future.

Example from practice: customer bought new apartment, nicely painted and new spatula but after a while he found that he did notthey work some sockets, lights flicker and worst of all places the smell of burnt rubber. These are all signs of old plumbing that needs renovation and most of the walls need to be chopped up.

Nowadays, there are many older properties on the market, where you can only see the outside of the property, but you can't see the inside and the problems will arise when you move in.

So why do you need a check?

  1. In case of a change of owner, i.e. also change of electricity consumer you need a review report otherwise the Slovak Transmission System (Elektrárne) will disconnect you. You may only find out this information when you hand in your application, which is too late.
  2. Revision technician checks the safety of the entire electrical installation and is able to determine whether the electrical installation is in order or in need of reconstruction and issue the necessary Inspection Report.
  3. When insuring a building, you need a review otherwise it is possible that the insurer may not pay the full amount of compensation for the claim. If a fire or lightning strikes the house and a claim occurs, the insurance company will ask for an inspection report if you do not have one, it is possible that they will not recognise the damage.
  4. Inspection or Revision of the Electrical Installation and Lightning Arrester: before buying a house you will save yourself unnecessary worries that you would have come to after moving into the "renovated" house or apartment

When checking the electrical installation before buying a house we can advise you and tell you the status of the entire wiring system so you can sleep well. If you know the status of the installation you will save yourself an investment in the future. Our Revision Technician can check the condition of the entire electrical installation, measure the insulation of the wires, the continuity of the wires and check the condition of the electrical installation in the house or apartment with the help of high quality measuring instruments. We try to do our job honestly and measure all the values on the basis of which we will issue an inspection report.

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