Green circuit - saving electricity

Green circuit - saving electricity 1

Annually Devices plugged into the mains in your home will take a lot of money out of your wallet without you even knowing it.

According to several surveys, this amount often exceeds €100. Why? Most modern appliances, although not always working, remain in stand-by mode and only after we activate the appliance will it switch on. However, few people realise that this mode continues to take electricity from the grid and thus money out of our pockets. An overview of each appliance and its consumption is given in the table below.

Table of household energy consumption and costs:

Consumption (kWh)
Cost ( € )
Minivan / radio527,46
Microwave ( displaj)304,31
Satellite set32647,36
PC with monitor and accessories39457,23
Charger (mobile, battery , ...)121,79

(consumption may vary depending on manufacturer and type of equipment)

When appliances and wiring are switched on, there is also the danger of electrical short circuits, the damage caused by which is estimated at several million euros a year.


what can be done about it?

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to turn off your device when you're not using it, but that's not always true. They are quite expensive and you need a separate device for each appliance.

Our company works directly with modifying wiring by adding smart devices. When you leave the house, these simply switch off unnecessary devices, switching not only the socket but also the whole section of the installation, preventing electrical short circuits when you are not at home.

As each installation is unique, each project is approached individually. The best results can be achieved during the construction phase, where the number of circuits can be precisely defined and solutions for limiting the pump run can be consulted with the heating engineers. You can thus control and prevent energy leakage in almost 100% appliances. The whole solution is also applicable to an existing electrical installation, of course, within the limits of the existing installation, where you need to proceed from risk assessment to studying the wiring documentation so that important appliances such as refrigerator, alarm, irrigation, etc., are still supplied with electricity. After consultation with the customer, we will propose a solution.

Implementation is possible not only in new, but also in older houses or offices.

You can control the green circuit locally when you leave, either by adding security features, simply by your alarm, via your smartphone or via the internet.