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What the electrical connection project contains

  • Technical report
  • Complete project documentation
  • Drawings with connection points marked
  • Single-pole scheme
  • Situation drawings and sketches
  • Project for the relocation of the LV connection from the overhead line to the underground line
  • Processing of the project in electronic form with subsequent printing and submission in hard copy

Projects for various types of buildings, from family houses, through multifunctional buildings, buildings, offices, multifunctional buildings, industrial halls, and other objects

  • We operate throughout Slovakia, and without additional transport costs for the project, while customers from the cities of Zvolen, Detva, Banská Bystrica , Krupina, Bratislava, Senec, Myjava, and all district towns
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  • For large objects, the price is set by agreement, with a quantity discount.

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In the construction of any new building or major renovation, you can't avoid the problem of making an electrical connection.

According to the new standards (STN 33 3320:2002 ), the electrical connection must be publicly accessible and located at the property boundary so that energy workers can read the meter at any time.


It's best if you make a connection request first. You will need the relevant form, which can be found on the local distribution website, a cadastral map and a map of the wider relationship. It should show a sketch of where you want to run the electricity connection. By doing this you can save time and avoid unpleasant complications..

Electrical connection - Project 1

We need a project for the electrical connection, which can be created either by a designer, an inspection technician or otherwise a professionally qualified person. The project documentation includes a Technical Report, a Drawing Section and an External Influence Determination Report. According to this project documentation, the electrical connection will be made. If you are interested in the electrical connection project, please contact Reeltech@Reeltech.Sk. The price of the connection is from 90€ and depends on the complexity

Technical part - how the connection is to be made: the connection for the house starts with a branch from the public distribution system and ends with a connection box, which must be made according to STN 35 9754.

A junction box is made on the public distribution pole, from which the wire leads to the meter. The most commonly used aluminium conductor is AYKY 16mm2 to 35mm2. Beware of making the electrical connection with a copper wire! Nowadays some power companies do not allow this design! Many electricians do not realise that if they connect copper and aluminium conductors, an electro-chemical reaction occurs and can cause big problems, even fire. For this reason, power companies adapt almost everything to connect aluminium conductors. The electricity distribution board must be made in the fence or on the property boundary so that it can be accessed at any time! The centre window of the meter must be at a height of 1.5 to 1.7m. The conductor must be run at an appropriate depth, but it is good if it is at a frost-free depth (80cm) in a sand bed on which either a brick or a warning sheet is laid. The electricity meter must be earthed and its earth resistance must not exceed 5 Ohm. Earthing is done by means of a strapping which is laid on the bottom of the trench at a sufficient distance from the power conductor, most often along its entire length, and in some cases it is also connected to the main earthing terminal in the house. This creates a bonding to the same potential. A conductor is then led from the meter to the Main Distribution Terminal in the house, which may already be copper and is usually a degree smaller in cross-section than the aluminium conductor.

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For the development of the connection project we need:

  • Parcel number, cadastral area 
  • Details of the owner or builder, with telephone and email contact
  • Sketch in the cadastral image or other situational diagram, where the nearest connection point (electricity pole/switchboard) is shown, the place where you would like to have the meter placed (in case you are planning a driveway, parking lot,...)
  • Photos of the location where the connection point and the property boundary will be visible
  • If there is a number on an overhead line pole, its number
  • Description of construction: type of construction, method of heating, hot water heating

Notice to SSD customers : Stredoslovenská distribúcia has made it a condition to place the meter at a maximum distance of 30 metres from the pole or other connection point.

Electrical connection in the ground

When dealing with new buildings but also when dealing with reconstructions, it is preferred to make electrical connections in the ground.


There are several advantages:

  • Aesthetic 
  • protection against damage


However, it is not necessary to forget about the correct placement of the cable and its thickness in the ground. The cable is laid in different depths according to the surrounding terrain and uses. + the safety distance must be observed, the material used

Connection to the house in the ground path
electrical connection in the ground

Electrical connection by air

In some cases where it is difficult to make an electrical connection in the ground but it is possible to make an electrical connection through the air under certain circumstances.

Connection by poles

on existing or new poles.(owned or leased)

House-mounted version

design over the facade of the house. (the wire in its entirety will be fixed to your house through the wall and will pass through to the fence or property boundary, where the electrometer switchboard will be placed)

 Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages of setting up a tapping point. And each requires a statement from the local distribution system. If you were planning to run over electricity poles, this is often more complicated and you would have to pay "rent" every year.

It is particularly important to maintain a sufficient cable overhang height. so that, if necessary or necessary, the cable is high enough to allow machinery and trucks to pass underneath (we recommend a height of at least 6m, )

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