Charging stations for home use electric cars, popularly referred to as "electric cars", may not always be easy in a home environment. That's why we offer a simple and inexpensive solution for normal home charging or charging in office spaces where charging time doesn't play such a big role.

We offer charging stations for households in several versions and different equipment in order to satisfy every customer.

Your electric car is connected to the charger in the classic way you are used to. A possible alternative to the charging station is the use of VoltBoxes, which for easy charging are sufficient. They are equipped with the basic elements - they include 32A/400V, 16A/400V, 16A/230V sockets, fusing and protection devices and a power meter so that you can evaluate the "energy travelled". These boxes can also be used for other purposes in the home.

The installation of an electric vehicle charging station can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. For public areas, installation with a key or digital lock is possible.