Service, audit and inspection of photovoltaic power plants

Service and maintenance of photovoltaics reeltech

Building a photovoltaic power plant is a very profitable and efficient decision nowadays, but keeping it running at full capacity and quality is much more important. It happens that a company or a household builds a power plant based on a project with small changes or mistakes, and so it can happen that the power plant gradually loses power or is accompanied by frequent failures of inverters, fuses or other components.

Our main task is not only to design the photovoltaic power plant, but also to take care of it after construction. 

We can offer you the following services within the scope of operation and service:

  • Online monitoring of PV application operation and monthly evaluation of production and performance.

  • Making the monitoring software available to and training the end user

  • energy administration:

  • Complete takeover of all activities such as periodic preparation of documents, submission of applications and reports for all entities such as ÚRSO, OKTE, Distribution companies and electricity traders

  • Registration of the photovoltaic application and the end user in OKTE and regular sending of reports to the system

  • Representation of the end user before state institutions such as the building authority, customs, etc.

  • 24/7 hotline emergency service with troubleshooting onset within 24 hours

  • warranty service: free of charge for up to 24 months within the warranty period for the entire work, including replacement of defective equipment

  • preventive maintenance and prophylaxis of equipment within the warranty period:

  • 12-monthly perodic check of the stability of the supporting structures and the fixing of the PV modules;

  • 12 monthly periodic diagnostics of PV inverter condition, tightening of connections and terminals and replacement of air filters;

  • Online periodic monitoring and diagnostics of PV inverter status and error messages.

  • Technical audit of existing photovoltaic power plants, assessment of the technical condition, listing of deficiencies, and proposal of solutions. 
  • Inspection , evaluation and analysis of production status, technical condition, equipment safety compliance.

However, many times we encounter people who consider monitoring to be unnecessary. However, the opposite is true. The right type of monitoring can identify a fault on a device almost instantly, allowing a quick assessment of the fault and a subsequent response in the form of repairing the fault. Variations in the performance of individual inverters often cannot be evaluated immediately, but within a few days the technician is informed about the functionality of individual inverters or sections of the PV plant. Once the monitoring has been followed and the fault has been detected, it can then be corrected by correctly adjusting and repairing any deficiencies and the power waveform becomes linear again, without any outages and power losses, so please note that our cooperation does not have to end with the handover of the PV plant, we will be happy to provide you with other alternatives to use not only solar energy efficiently, but also to reduce your utility bills by using other solutions. After installation, we are at your disposal in case you have any questions about the operation of the plant. In case of any problem, you can contact us via email or by phone 0901 703 235.