Projection of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Design of photovoltaic power plants, battery storage, and other generators and energy sources

A photovoltaic trained designer with hands on experience and real world experience.

We specialize in technical and economically viable solutions for full self-consumption for industry, shops, halls, manufacturing companies and households. We have more than 12 years of experience in the field of RES and photovoltaic power plants from small source, local source to several MW photovoltaic power plants as production sources.

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  • Photovoltaic designer
  • We have our own photovoltaic power plant designer We are able to design a tailor-made solution for a specific: object, building, roof. Complete from design to final single pole diagram, wiring, technical report and drawings. So that your photovoltaic power plant ( PV plant) project is complete and suitable for implementation, notification to the relevant authorities and implementation. We also have our own inspection technician dedicated to this type of equipment.
  • all stages of documentation :project for building permit, implementation project documentation, project documentation of actual execution
Quality project = Consultation with the customer

Projects for different scales of construction, from local sources on rooftops to open-air installations.

  • Processing of the project in electronic form with subsequent printing and submission in hard copy
Layout of panels
Single pole scheme
laying plan
Estimated static load
Lightning protection and lightning protection
communication involvement
Power output
Dispatcher management
Network protection


Photovoltaic project for a small source up to 10kW installed on a family house primarily for self-consumption.

In case of interest, we can design a PV plant that will be fully compatible with the charging station for the electric car (WallBox + PV plant )


The photovoltaic system is suitable for medium-sized companies from 10 to 100 kWp, which will be used for self-consumption. Possibility to design and install equipment for consumption control and increase the efficiency of the system. The project includes all the necessary documents for the notification and legalization of the photovoltaic power plant


A photovoltaic power plant for industry and large companies that meets all customer requirements for consumption within the company and the conditions set by the local distribution company. Photovoltaics on industrial buildings and halls is a great solution for reducing the energy consumption of the company or enterprise.

What do we offer and perform?

Comprehensive services in energy and RES, mainly focused on photovoltaic power plants, from analysis, design, through project documentation, legislative solutions, to construction and subsequent service and maintenance.
  • Our many years of experience and know-how enable us to design photovoltaic power plants for full-scale self-consumption.
  • We can provide the material supply and implementation of the entire photovoltaic power plant.
  • We provide service and maintenance (O&M ) and full support for customers during the selection of the technical solution. We consult. We also provide a full service of the existing photovoltaic plant.
  • We provide equipment monitoring and maintenance with production and production supervision. Control of data and performance of the entire system.

Photovoltaic project

Energy prices are rising every year. This need not worry you any more. Make energy that no one will tax or overcharge you for. We will create a tailor-made solution for you, designing the optimal parameters of panels and PV power for your home or business so that your cost savings are as high as possible. Of course, we will also take into account the individuality of your home or business - the size and slope of the roof, the location where you live and the resources you want to invest. Reduce your reliance on energy suppliers today. A photovoltaic power plant can significantly reduce your energy dependence on suppliers, and therefore your costs. Of course, the upfront investment is not small, but the payback on the cost of PV is typically around 6-10 years, whereas the lifespan of current PV panels is 25-30 years (and lifespan doesn't necessarily mean that they will stop working).

When designing photovoltaics, we follow the following principles:
Physical inspection of the building is carried out for each order.
We always meet deadlines and prices.
We respond quickly and flexibly to requests.
We try to work as well as possible

Our company is unique, we will not only design, supply, install, commission, but even service your new PV plant.
All components are carefully selected for excellent quality, ease of installation, compatibility and optimum price.
Send us your request with precise specifications (address and exact dimensions of the installation site - ideally a dwg drawing, 2-3 photos of the installation site, information on annual electricity consumption, information on day and night consumption, information on whether your current electricity supplier allows a virtual battery) and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

Implementation and construction

We also carry out our own construction and implementation of photovoltaic power plants.

From engineering to construction design and final implementation.

If you are planning to build photovoltaic power plants, it is important to work with professionals who are experienced in this field and offer quality components. Proper construction is key to ensuring the long-term, reliable performance of PV systems.

Our company specializes in the professional construction of photovoltaic power plants using the latest technologies and quality components. We are experts in the field of photovoltaics and have many years of experience in the construction and installation of these systems.

We offer comprehensive services in the construction of photovoltaic power plants. Our engineers and technicians take care of the entire process, including system design, site preparation, solar panel installation, grid connection and monitoring system configuration.

An important aspect of our work is the selection of quality components. We work with proven suppliers who offer components with long service life and high efficiency. We are convinced that the use of quality components is key to achieving optimal performance and reliability of PV power plants.

In addition, we are focused on compliance with all safety standards and regulations. Our technicians have professional certificates and are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of safety in the construction of PV systems.

If you are looking for a professional photovoltaic plant construction with a focus on quality and reliability, we are here for you. Our company provides comprehensive services and guarantees that your PV plant will be built with the highest level of expertise and using quality components.

panel design

During our practice we encounter incorrect or uneconomical solutions of photovoltaic power plants that do not meet not only technical but also economic requirements.

We have therefore decided to increase activities in this segment, with an emphasis on fully self-consumption without surplus electricity. Our company offers design and engineering activities for photovoltaic power plants from 2 to 500kWp ( nowadays up to MRK): - without surpluses and losses; - monitoring and compatibility with the grid; - possible creation of backup power circuits. network, where the circuits will also be functional during an outage power supply; - avoidance or limitation of surpluses to the distribution system; - implementation and servicing.

12 years of experience with RES and photovoltaicsContact us

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Who is a photovoltaic power plant suitable for?

Smaller installations are suitable for family houses and office premises. Here it is possible to combine batteries to make back-up circuits that will be in operation even in the event of a power failure. So that : servers, data communication and important departments and sections remain operational. If you are interested in an electric car, it is a good idea to think about a compatible charging station that works with photovoltaics so that it can be charged only on the basis of surplus energy from the sun.

Larger companies and businesses

Wherever there is a manufacturing operation, there is a high consumption of electricity during the daytime hours. This can be generated directly from the roof and fed into the original distribution system. This results in a reduction of energy drawn from the grid, saving and increasing the return on investment. In many cases the payback is 5 to 8 years. With the help of consumption analysis, user habits and the right technical solution, we propose the ideal ratio of self-generation solutions from photovoltaic panels and self-consumption generators. We have worked on projects ranging from 10 to 500kWp.