Photovoltaic power plant series and types

Photovoltaic power plant series and types
  • 6. January 2024
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In cooperation with the portal, we have prepared an article in which we try to advise customers what to look out for.

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Photovoltaic power plant series and types 1

1. What are photovoltaic power plants and what types are there, what does your company offer when it comes to photovoltaics?

  • Photovoltaics in Slovakia is mainly divided according to power output into small sources up to 10.8 kW, which is mainly intended for households and is also supported by the subsidy system Green Households. For companies and commercial entities a local source is used, this is from 10.8 to MRK. The latter is further subdivided without dispatchable control (up to 100 kW) and with dispatchable control (above 100 kW). PV is a great resource, but it needs to be properly designed. In particular, the design needs to take into account the consumption of the customer site and design it in such a way that its production also replicates consumption. In that case, it also has a very fast financial payback. Our company realizes all kinds of photovoltaic power plants - from small sources, and local sources for companies of high quality. We use only high quality and certified components, where we know that we can give long warranty periods for the components. We design the work to meet all requirements and include all design documentation and also the fire safety requirements of the building. ReelTech s.r.o. has been on the Slovak market for a long time, our technicians have been in the construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants built as recently as 2010. We have expertise in electrical installation safety therefore we build the plants according to all standards and regulations. We are engaged in the design, construction, OPaOS/revisions, audits of photovoltaic power plants with subsequent service and maintenance. So that we offer comprehensive services to our customers.
  • Consultancy: assistance in planning and designing electrical solutions to suit your needs.

2. What all is needed to implement photovoltaics, what projects are needed and how long does it take to implement?

  • Before implementation, it is necessary to complete all the documents and papers, the main ones include the approval of the Local Distribution System (ZSD, SSD, VSD) without their approval, it is not possible to connect the local source to the system. Consequently, many companies forget or do not address the statics of the construction. Static is extremely important for the life of your building and many new PV installation companies do not address this. We have had PV installations that were inappropriately designed, overloading the statics of the structure and putting the entire building at risk. In another case, it was designed in such a way that the entire PV array was in danger of blowing away in high winds. It is therefore necessary to use the correct design not only for the inverters, but also for the structure and the system as a whole, so that it lasts as long as possible. The actual implementation of the photovoltaic system is no longer extremely time-consuming. It can take about 3 days to put together a 10 kWp PV plant. In some cases we have been able to build a 95 kWp PV plant in 7 days.

3. What is the lifespan and payback of PV power plants?

  • The lifespan of photovoltaic power plants depends on the quality of the components used. Therefore, it pays to focus not only on the price, but also on the brand and warranty. It is also important to use quality of all components: - The construction (we personally use a construction that is designed for 115 km/h wind speeds, which assures us that the system is safe and is guaranteed by the manufacturer). - Photovoltaic panels - we always select these from the TOP10 on the world market, where the warranty is around 10 years. - The inverter, as the generator of the electricity itself, needs not only to be properly selected and designed, but also positioned. Which will also extend its lifetime. We use only those that have been tested in industrial use for many years, meet all the requirements of the grid

4. Consulting Services

  • Determination of performance
  • Projection design
  • Suitable technical solution

5. Service and technical audit

  • Audit of existing power plants
  • Service faults

For our customers we provide Inspections, Maintenance, Service as well as the activity of the Responsible Person