Certification of Machinery

We provide Certification of Machinery in Slovakia and for Equipment intended for the European Union.

Certification of Machinery 1

certifikacia strojov2Elimination of deficiencies and customisation of machines prior to certification

The statistics show that up to 30% of work-related accidents are caused by non-certified working machines, or by manipulation of machines without sufficient technical documentation or operating manuals.

 To guarantee you and your employees the maximum level of safety at work, your work machines need to be adjusted in order to pass the certification. A detailed manual for operating the machine is also important as it can prevent life threatening misunderstandings.


 We care about your safety and offer you our comprehensive services related to elimination of deficiencies and customisation of machines prior to certification, the certification itself and preparation of the manuals for machine operation.

We mainly provide the following services.

Safety assessment

 National, European and International standards set the basic safety conditions that must be met by machines. When assessing risks, we follow the relevant standards that determine which aspects of the machines need to be evaluated. Dozens of different details are evaluated to ensure maximum safety.

 It is necessary to carry out the safety assessment every time a new machine is put into service, any time when the location of the equipment is changed and afterwards at regular intervals determined by the machine manufacturer. A safety assessment is also required after the machine has been repaired, was involved in a work-place accident or was out of operation for a longer period.

Adjustment of identified deficiencies

 We provide comprehensive services to our customers. Any safety defects identified in the process of the safety assessment will be corrected in accordance with all relevant standards. Our trained staff perform regular servicing of machines, various adjustments to improve safety, performance, and to meet the standards to obtain certification.

Certification of Machinery 2

Modification and correction of deficiencies necessary to pass the certification.

 To be certified, a machine must meet the demanding criteria set by National, European, or International standards. The standards governing the certification of machines are constantly being changed and modified. In our operations, we always follow the most up-to-date certification standards and conditions, so you can be sure that any machine we inspect and customise will receive the certificate without any difficulty.

 We carry out all necessary modifications and repairs to the machines in order to gain a certificate. Our engineers have many years of experience in the field of machine repairs, therefore we guarantee that the work carried out will be first-class quality.

Machinery Manual

 One of the most important parts of a certified machine is a well-written operating manual. Operating manuals we prepare are based on current International, European and National directives and standards. When preparing the instructions, we take care to create a clear graphic and text structure, which helps the machine operator to find his way quickly and efficiently.

The manuals contain all necessary information for the operation as well as maintenance of the machine. The individual parts are described in as much detail as possible so that the staff can find all the necessary information in the manual and do not have to search any external sources.

All manuals are prepared with the emphasis on maximum safety of machinery operators.

Certification of Machinery 3

ES and EU Declaration of Conformity

One of the essential documents required for certified machinery and equipment is the ES Declaration of Conformity. We will prepare this comprehensive document for you in accordance with the current standards.

Machine Nameplate

 After drawing up the ES Declaration of Conformity, the last step is to mark the machinery with a machine nameplate and the mark of conformity. We will produce a unique CE label for your machinery.

 Do not hesitate to rely on our many years of experience in machine certification and customisation. With us you get all the necessary documents, service and machine customisation in one place, in the shortest time and with the guarantee of maximum quality.


Assessment of imported machines from third countries

We are professionally assessing equipment imported from countries such as China, India, Korea, Japan, the USA, Ukraine, Russia, South Asia, Australia, and other countries outside the European Community and the machines will be used in the EU. We are able to carry out repairs as well as preparation for operation for European certification and operation.