Revision price list

Simplified Price List Electrical Installation Revisions which includes :

  • Revision of electrical installation
  • Revision of the lightning conductor
  • Revision of electrical appliances and tools
  • Thermal imaging measurement
  • Projekčnú činnosť

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revision of electrical equipment price list

Revision of electrical installation price / revision of electrical equipment :

Type Electrical equipment revision

Price in EUR from:

Electrical connection




Family house

By agreement

Lightning rod


Department stores

By agreement

Industrial parks

By agreement

Churches , Church facilities

By agreement

electrical revisions in the price list are only indicative in case of exact pricing we will send you an offer based on the project documentation

Lightning rod revision price / lightning rod :

Type of lightning conductor revision

Price in EUR from:

Lightning conductor


Active lightning arrester

By agreement


By agreement

Control of equipment

According to the PD

Revision of electrical appliances and tools price:

Type Revision of tools and appliances

Price in EUR from:

Electric hand tools

By agreement

Electrical appliance

By agreement

Motors and rotating machinery


Thermal imaging machine measurement


After revision repairs

by agreement

Review of photovoltaic power plants and renewable energy sources :

Type of RES revision

Price in EUR from:

HV revision

By agreement

Revision of LV ( AC + DC )

1100 / 1MW

Lightning rod

500 / 1MW

Small roof installation


Mon - revision repairs

by agreement

We try to accommodate all our clients with discounts and our contractual partners get the best prices and technical support... For large objects the price is set by agreement with a quantity discount.

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