Revision of a residential building

Revision of the common areas of the apartment building

For apartment buildings and communities of apartment buildings, we provide all services related to electrotechnical activities and lightning rods - revisions, repairs and installation. We carry out regular inspections of apartment buildings and revisions of common area wiring. We also perform lightning conductor revisions and lightning protection condition assessment. The output document is an inspection report from an authorized inspection technician. Our company operates throughout Slovakia. In the regions of Zvolen, Detva, Banská Bystrica and Krupina we do not include transport costs.

Professional inspection of wiring

We carry out revisions of common areas and footpath wiring of the apartment building / condominium. Our strengths include a comprehensive review of the electrical installation, inspection of the riser wiring , basic maintenance and design of solutions. The output document is an inspection report from an authorized inspection technician.

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  • Revision of the lightning conductor of a dwelling or apartment
  • We provide lightning conductor revision services for apartment buildings and prefabricated houses. We perform all necessary lightning conductor measurements - grounding measurements, checking of terminals, the overall condition of the lightning conductor on the apartment building and assessment of the lightning protection status. We submit the output document with deficiencies in the form of an inspection report. We provide lightning rod inspection services on apartment buildings and prefabricated houses. We carry out all necessary lightning conductor measurements - grounding measurement, checking of terminals, overall condition of lightning conductor on the apartment building and assessment of lightning protection condition. We submit the output document with deficiencies in the form of an inspection report.

How often to carry out an inspection of a residential house?

The frequency of inspection of a residential building depends on local regulations and standards, as well as on the specific condition of the installation. In general, the inspection of an apartment building should be carried out regularly and at least once every few years. Some guidelines recommend a review at least every 5 years, while others may require a frequency of every 2 years. It is therefore necessary to check with a professional


It is also important to consider the following factors when determining the frequency of inspection of an apartment building:

  • Building size and age: Larger and older buildings may require more frequent inspection because they have a larger electrical infrastructure and are more susceptible to wear and tear and equipment problems.
  • Population: a higher population means a greater load on the electrical installation and equipment, which may require more frequent inspection.
  • Changes to the installation: if significant changes have been made to the electrical installation in a building, such as renovations, extensions or change of use of premises, it is important to carry out a review to ensure that the new equipment is working properly and is safe.
  • We encourage you to consult with our electrical inspection experts or our inspection technician, We are experienced and licensed electricians who are knowledgeable and experienced in residential home inspection and are able to fully assess the specific situation and needs of your property.
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Our experience with residential homes is varied and we carry out regular inspections and installation assessments

Reach out to our experts - trust the professionals! At our company, we pride ourselves on our team of highly qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in electrical installation, inspection and maintenance. ONaša company prides itself on expertise, as these qualities play a key role in ensuring the safety and reliability of your electrical network. Trusting certified professionals is essential for several reasons. First, they have a broad knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies, practices, and standards in electrical installation. Their certifications and licenses are a testament to their training and a guarantee of their ability to provide high-quality services. However, uncertified technicians pose a risk. Lack of expertise and experience can lead to dangerous situations such as improper connection of electrical circuits, inadequate insulation, or improper adjustment of equipment. This can have serious consequences, including fires, electrocutions or damage to equipment. Trusting uncertified technicians means risking not only your safety, but also the financial cost of repairs and replacement parts if the job is done incorrectly. That's why it's important to seek out and work with vetted and certified professionals who have a proven track record and reviews from satisfied customers. Reaching out to our professionals and their expertise brings you confidence and trust in the quality and safety of the work performed. With us, you can rest assured that your electrical installation will be done correctly, in accordance with standards and regulations, and that your needs and safety will come first. Don't trust uncertified technicians - trust us, professionals with experience and certifications. Your safety and a reliable electrical installation come first

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